Existing systems must meet new challenges

As globally trusted experts in Critical Information Systems, Thales design, develop, deploy and manage innovative software to guarantee:

  • Modernity: Audit your existing infrastructure, design new components and integrate technological breakthroughs (mobility, M2M, Cloud, etc.) to grow and improve your architecture throughout its lifecycle so that it remains future-proof
  • Maintenance: Put your applications through a variety of tests to monitor their technical debt and help you to decide when and how to modernise leveraging Agile, DevOps and Lean practices to reduce time to market 
  • Security: Integrate all 7 levels of security (data, application, access, operating systems, communications, network and physical) to secure your information systems against new risks, in conformity with up-to-date regulations

Our comprehensive experience provides you with a partner who can ensure that your systems evolve with the times; making your business more competitive without sacrificing security, performance or resilience. We continuously analyse and retool your systems to remain at the cutting-edge and high demand of interfaces that give customers and employees the same ease-of-use as they find one their smartphones and tablets. 

Team of experts at your service

Our developer and system engineers provide experience, flexible solutions for customers in various geographies, industries and areas of expertise. 

  • Adapted industry solutions: aerospace, transportation, energy, industry, defence and government
  • Customer proximity: regional presence in France (Île-de-France, West, Southwest, Southeast and Rhône-Alpes)
  • Recognised expertise: IT consulting, Internet of Things, lifecycle support
From stagnant to mobile
A major defence player asked Thales to update its monolithic and costly system architecture. We updated key components to C++11 and implemented an HTML 5 user interface to guarantee mobility and multi-module functioning. Our open source solution used plug-in components to greatly reduce costs.

Contact us to find out how we can help your systems evolve to meet the challenges of the future.


Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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