Safeguard your critical data

A world leader in data protection, Thales Group enable organisations with the latest tamper-resistant security hardening techniques. Our cryptographic processes and key management practices protect your organisation's data, achieving a level of security that is unattainable with purely software based applications. 

Our key global presence gives us the experience and capability to ensure that your data is secure and protected from any unauthorised identities. 

Gain confidence in your system’s security

From Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to identity and key management, our extensive cryptographic solutions protect the generation, storage, management and use of keys in a wide range of environments. Our products include:

  • nShield Family of General Purpose HSMs: Process data using high assurance cryptography for the widest range of security applications, APIs and host operating systems
  • payShield Family of Payment HSMs: Protect and process payment card transactions, card issuance and mobile payments
  • keyAuthority: Establish secure key management and key vaulting services  using hardened appliances that support the standards based key management interoperability protocol (KMIP)

Our digital signature and time-stamping appliances enforce non-repudiation for electronic signing, verify data integrity and ensure long-term auditability of electronic records. Our products include:

  • SafeSign: Add a secure signing capability to security applications ranging from electronic invoicing, statements and prescriptions
  • Time Stamp Server: Benefit from secure time stamps for digitally signed documents (e.g., PDFs), application code or other electronic records
  • Time Source Master Clock (TSMC): Enable accurate and auditable electronic time stamping throughout your organisation via a single, secure source of trusted time

Certified cryptographic capabilities

Thales has over 30 years of experience protecting data for organisations and governments worldwide. Our key management modules and appliances are:

  • Adopted by the world’s most security-conscious brands, ranging from mobile to Cloud to Big data
  • Used in an estimated 80% of payment card transactions
  • Certified to the FIPS 140-2 level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ security schemes

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