From security to passenger experience: towards a smart airport

Hosting millions of travelers a year, airports must ensure both smooth operation and high levels of security. They raise important public safety issues for States. Thales meets all airport security issues, aiming at optimum efficiency.
A smart and safe airport ...
As world leader in airport security, Thales brings agencies smart and innovative solutions to ensure optimum protection for passengers, staff and facilities.
Adapted to each situation, these modular answers can include:

  • A system for managing identities and security portal accesses;
  • A network of video surveillance and smart video analysis;
  • Intrusion detection devices;
  • A centralized smart data analysis system to quickly identify significant incidents and reduce reaction delays.

Thales’ added value lies in its ability to weave these elements together and to bring the various services involved into working as partners.
... for optimal conditions of exploitation
By centralizing the management of operations, Thales guarantees a high level of business continuity and traffic flow within the airport. By reducing waiting times while ensuring the best possible safety conditions, the system improves inpassenger experience and increases infrastructure performance and profitability.
Thales solutions also enable the production of relevant performance indicators (KPIs) to inform decision-makers in real time and make the organization more efficient.
International references in airport security
Among the many airports that Thales provides with security systems, here are a few references:


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Product line manager - Fabrizio Martin