Today more than ever, security has a key role to play in meeting wider operational and economic goals. So as well as providing protection for critical infrastructure and high-value installations, Thales solutions are designed to support continuous process improvement, delivering benefits such as lower operating costs, easier site management and enhanced safety performance.
Thales offers innovative, integrated safety and security solutions that supervise day-to-day operations and provide comprehensive protection from incidents and threats.
Thales has a unique capability to provide end-to-end security combining physical and electronic protection systems with the latest technologies for protecting information systems and communication networks.

We offer fully integrated security solutions for large and complex sensitive sites, including multi-site operations, to meet the specific needs of the following sectors:

  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas,
  • Transportation,
  • Data storage infrastructure,
  • Refineries, LNG terminals and petrochemicals plants.

 Key benefits of Thales‘s integrated safety and security solutions include:

  • Centralised management of systems and sensors at each level of command and control (national, regional, local) for comprehensive supervision of operations and data flows, event correlation and alarm management;
  • Real-time information on resource status and location for security operators;
  • Improved incident management;
  • Higher network and information availability;
  • Guaranteed business continuity and improved system life cycle management.
Product line manager - Jean-Pierre Vidal