Smart and global solutions for the security of critical areas

Critical infrastructure protection – that is, securing airports, government and military areas, public areas, transportation networks, ports, industrial plants, etc. - raises a wide range of issues and requires solutions designed to take into account the sites’ operational constraints. Thales offers global, smart and modular solutions, customizable to cope with the most diverse situations.
Comprehensive and smart answers
As far as security is concerned, some areas require special attention because of their strategic importance and the threats they attract - especially terrorists. Such is the case of government and military sites, some industrial facilities, but also all transportation infrastructures - particularly exposed to terrorist risk. In all these situations, the challenge is to simultaneously ensure smooth infrastructure operation and optimal security.
Thales has developed an exceptionnally agile expertise in critical area protection. Always based on a precise identification of threats involved, the designed solutions follow two guidelines:
  • Addressing problems in a comprehensive way, including technical design, software architecture, human organization in the conception;
  • Providing smart solutions using video and data processing to ensure accurate diagnoses and swift interventions.
Solutions fit for every situation
Each site faces its own set of operational constraints and its own range of threats. For more than 20 years, Thales has been deploying protection systems on more than 400 sites around the world, representing just as many different problems.
Such success is built on the mastering of a wide range of technologies and a deliberately customized approach to each situation. Depending on field parameters, Thales solutions combine, in various proportions :
  • High level security for people and data: Thales provides both physical security and cybersecurity;
  • Increased responsiveness, faster and more relevant intervention decisions, through real-time smart analysis of surveillance data;
  • Continuity and smoothness of site exploitation.
Thales solutions contribute to the sites’ performances, for limited costs.
Airports welcome millions of passengers a year: Thales provides solutions that ensure their safety as well as the staff’s, while optimizing site exploitation and control operations.
Governmental and military sites
Military and government sites raise strategic domestic security issues. The full range of Thales technologies and know-how is required to build unified solutions, integrating existing organizations and helping them adapt.
Public transportations
Making public transportations safer and more secure requires the integration of a number of technologies: surveillance of moving vehicles, stations, control centers, etc. Thales solutions analyze all the data collected to enable faster interventions anywhere needed on the network.
Public sites
Public sites and areas (museums, tourist sites or pilgrimage sites) require the mobilization of a wide range of resources to ensure both public protection and smooth circulation, so that each site can fulfill its mission safely.
Industrial plants
An industrial site has to be simultaneously secure, reliable and efficient. Whether for ports, pipelines or factories, Thales deploys all its expertise to ensure a high level of safety and efficiency, for optimized costs.


  • Airports
    As nodes in the air transport network, airports play a crucial role. Airport operations are key to the overall security and safety of the air traffic infrastructure, the passengers who use it and the data flows that make it work.
  • Public transportation
    Thales takes a global look at the safety of transportation and passengers, thanks to its high added-value integration expertise.
  • Industrial sites
    Thales has a unique capability to provide end-to-end security combining physical and electronic protection systems with the latest technologies for protecting information systems and communication networks.
  • Military and Government sites
    Government and military sites all share a strategic dimension, but may face very different security issues. Thales's wide range of expertise enables it to provide dedicated solutions whatever the configuration.
  • Public sites
    Thales provides public sites with tailor-made protection solutions.
  • Resilient Networks
    Thales’s Nexium Resilient Networks solution provides secure, resilient and high-performance networks designed to endure the unexpected and guarantee end-to-end communication services for your most critical, sensitive and strategic sites.

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