Integrated communications and supervision systems enable on-demand trains, just-in-time delivery, optimum security and a very long life for your investments. Thales has a range of solutions, and we also integrate systems from third parties so that everything you operate liaises smoothly.

Advanced assets and traffic management
Thales’ integrated Operation Control Centre solutions allow you to optimise infrastructures and network operation, minimising movement conflicts. With a Thales system, many standard tasks are automated during normal operations, so your teams can focus on higher-value missions. In the case of an incident or a crisis, you get valuable decision-making support in real time. Our ARAMIS, intelligent asset network and SCADAsoft solutions are operating in over 30 different transport networks worldwide. Furthermore, Thales can integrate your lighting, ventilation and escalator/elevator systems.

Passenger information and comfort
Offer your travellers an enjoyable and reassuring environment thanks to train and station information, help points and more. The Thales Passenger Information Service software platform manages heterogeneous input sources and coordinates information across multiple channels.

Telecom networks
Every system needs a dedicated telecommunications network. We can supply you with specialised telecom infrastructures, including backbone, optical networks and radio (GSM-R, TETRA, LTE). Thales DigiMax, for example, is an innovative TETRA solution that meets demanding safety requirements.

Passenger and infrastructure security
Our new-generation video solution maximises physical and cyber security in stations, at waysides and on board. Other Thales solutions can detect abnormal behaviour, congestion zones, fire, smoke, intrusion and more.