Our mission is to help transit agencies to offer high quality services for the access to public transports, roads and parkings. For that, our team has developed a business-to-business-to-consumer approach (B2B2C).

It means that our services benefit for the operator as well as the travelers. Always pursuing innovation, continuous improvement and long-lasting partnerships, our products and services, unique of its kind, help you to get the most out of your infrastructure and allow your customers to enjoy simple transport, safe and comfortable: my seamless travel.
Revenue Collection Systems headquarters are located in Bretigny sur Orge, near Paris in France. Main locations include the Netherlands, Mexico, Hong Kong, New-Zealand, India, Italia …
Key Facts
  • 40 years’ leadership in fare collection technology
  • Projects include the world’s biggest multi-operator networks
  • Unique expertise in nationwide implementations
  • Fare collection for more than 2,000 stations and 20,000 buses and trams
  • Sustainable mobility delivered in 100 cities
  • Our systems clear $20B per year
  • 4,000 lanes on 30 motorways
  • 400 parking sites

At the heart of our strategy : TranscityTM

You want to boost the appeal of public transport, create incentives, enable payment via contactless smart cards, contactless bank cards or smartphone apps — and yet also reduce fraud, secure revenues, cut your costs or implement new fare strategies: Thales can help.

For more than 40 years, Thales has been designing, providing, installing and maintaining cutting-edge ticketing and revenue collection solutions. Designed for multimodal transport in cities, TRANSCITYTM offers seamless travel through the different modes of transport, including road tolls and car parks: one ticket for the full ride.

TRANSCITYTM is scalable from a single bus line up to a nationwide system, with an open architecture, enabling flexibility and evolutions with new entrants.     

We have a complete range of equipment for vending, validating and controlling travel rights, granting access in metro networks and car parks. We have the cloud-native back-office systems you need to deploy mono- or multi-modal ticketing. And we have a robust, proven central processing system designed for all modes of public transport as well as car parks, bikes and taxis.