Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to health and safety. In France, a company-wide agreement on well-being in the workplace provides an effective framework for identifying and preventing health and safety risks.

A dedicated organisation

Overall responsibility for health and safety issues is shared by two departments:

  • The HSE-Operations Department (Health, Safety & Environment) is responsible for environmental health and safety at all Thales sites and facilities.
  • The Human Resources Department defines health and safety policy in line with the requirements of each country of operation.


Clear procedures are in place to anticipate and manage potential health risks anywhere in the world:

  • permanent health monitoring by a medical team
  • crisis management by a special unit set up to handle major international health risks
  • procedures for managing work assignments in countries with major health risks.


The importance of training

Prevention is better than cure — and employees take fewer risks when they're well informed. We provide regular health and safety training for employees, and run special risk awareness sessions before they take up assignments overseas.

Healthcare benefits

Health insurance and related benefits give employees peace of mind and help them stay healthy. In France, all our staff receive the same level of supplementary health insurance coverage, while various Thales entities in Germany also offer top-up coverage, particularly for preventive healthcare.

Better protection for employees

The success of our health benefits policy encourages us to continue our efforts in this area. An increasing number of Group entities around the world are OHSAS 18001* certified, signalling a safer, healthier working environment for our employees.

*The international standard for occupational health and safety management.