Relevant experience and know-how

The members of Thales's Board of Directors are keenly aware of the company's strategic challenges. All of them are recognised experts with a thorough understanding of Thales's different businesses.
Directors act in an advisory capacity but they also have real powers and play an active role in the company. They have a hands-on approach to the business and the right to discuss operational issues with the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Engaging with shareholders

We place a great deal of trust in all of our shareholders. In return, they fully assume their role as stakeholders in our future and help to determine the company's strategic priorities. We value our relationships with our shareholders and involve them in all of our major projects.
Thales Group - shareholders


We communicate with shareholders in complete transparency, regularly providing the latest financial information and publishing a Shareholders' Newsletter twice a year. 

A pioneer of employee share ownership

Thales has made employee share ownership an everyday reality, reserving a seat on its Board of Directors for an employee shareholder representative even before we were required to do so by law.
Several associations, including APAT (Association du Personnel Actionnaire de Thales), represent our employee shareholders. These associations are determined to make their voice heard. They fully assume their responsibilities and play a part in all the major decisions that will shape the future of the company.
The employee share ownership plan is the centrepiece of this policy. We believe this savings plan strengthens cohesion within the Group and helps employees to engage with the company's strategic objectives and performance. Employee share ownership has a key role to play in the sustainable shareholder base that underpins our long-term success.

Did you know?        

Thales is one of the few companies registered in France to have included a representative of employee shareholders on its Board of Directors before this became a legal requirement. 
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