Thales is committed to providing clear and transparent information to the financial and extra-financial community on a regular basis. We make a real effort to stay connected with our stakeholders, holding special briefings in addition to the regular meetings organised to announce the latest figures.

The value of collective intelligence

Thales's mission, as you know, is to help customers make the right decisions and act accordingly in an increasingly complex world.
That means making sure our customers have full and easy access to information. So it makes a lot of sense for Thales to apply the same principle to our relationships with other stakeholders.
Just like customers, investors need to understand the risks and opportunities before they make their decisions. Our relationships with investors are based on trust and respect — and we believe that makes them stronger and longer lasting.

Keeping the conversation alive

We believe that direct interaction with the international financial and extra-financial community is the only way to fully explain our business and strategic vision.
We hold various types of meetings to sustain this interaction: in 2016, our investor relations team had more than 600 interactions with investors, in particular during roadshows or dedicated conferences.

Beyond financial analysis

Pure financial analysis is clearly essential, but Thales firmly believes in the value of Socially Responsible Investment, which is gaining traction throughout the world. With an economic model based on planning and acting for the long term, we believe that financial criteria alone are no longer enough to judge a company's performance and sustainability.
True to our commitment to providing clear, transparent information, we help extra-financial analysts evaluate our practices in the following areas:
  • business ethics (corruption prevention and export control)
  • corporate governance
  • employee relations
  • environmental protection.
This open-door policy helps them assess the risks we face in these areas. Here again, our focus on continuous improvement and full disclosure is a strategic decision that helps us to innovate and improve our performance over the long term.

The importance of ESG* analysis

Stéphane Voisin, Head of Sustainability Research & Responsible Investment at the brokerage Kepler Cheuvreux, confirms that "investors who engage in an active dialogue with a company do so because they want to assess their potential ESG risk."
* ESG: environmental, social and governance