Continuous improvement

A dedicated team at corporate level defines a Group-wide environmental protection strategy and develops reporting processes for nearly 160 Thales sites worldwide. At local level, 340 environmental managers are in charge of deploying the policy in each Thales entity and country of operation. Throughout the organisation, their job is the same — finding ways to improve our environmental performance as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Everyone is involved

Environmental risks are everyone's problem, so we make sure everyone is part of the solution! We constantly strive to raise environmental awareness in the workplace, encouraging employees to do their bit to make Thales more "planet-wise".
Our suppliers are on board too — in fact they don't have a choice. Before they work for Thales, they must agree to meet the environmental requirements of our Purchasing and Corporate Responsibility Charter. Thales also works with industry partners to develop new international standards aimed at protecting the planet more effectively.

Good neighbours

Wherever we locate our facilities, we try to be a responsible neighbour, protecting local plant and animal species and keeping waste to a minimum. We communicate openly with local residents and keep the authorities informed at all times.

Proof in the numbers

By the end of 2013, a total of 125 Thales entities, accounting for 82% of our workforce, had already achieved ISO 14001 certification, the gold standard in environmental management.
  • Limiting our environmental impact
    Reducing our environmental footprint is one of the goals of our corporate responsibility policy. We put our technology and expertise to work every day to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Eco-friendly by design
    Thales builds environmental responsibility into the products and services it designs.
  • Innovative solutions to fight climate change
    For more than 15 years, we have been actively protecting the environment, and environmental responsibility is one of the core ethical principles of the company.
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Department
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