2015 was a crucial year for the environment. In December 2015, leaders from around the world came together at the COP21 Conference in Paris to adopt a global agreement to fight climate change.

Global economic development, urbanisation and changing lifestyles are driving unprecedented demand for transport services, connectivity and judicious management of natural resources. But climate change is having a serious impact on the planet, threatening the lives of its inhabitants.

Our technology-driven society faces new environmental challenges — energy efficiency, air quality, noise pollution, biodiversity and climate change — which all need to be addressed by governments, city authorities, the business community and citizens themselves.  

Today, environmental responsibility and engagement in the fight against climate change are more crucial than ever before. 

Thales operates at 160 locations in 56 countries. For more than 15 years, we have been actively protecting the environment, and environmental responsibility is one of the core ethical principles of the company. We have introduced a far-reaching strategy of at-source reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time, we are taking part in a number of programmes and joint technology initiatives, and developing innovative products and services, to support the CO2emission-reduction objectives of our customers.  

Our customers around the world all need to tackle the same environmental issues. They need to understand the environment better, manage rapid urbanisation and growth in air traffic volumes, meet the need for sustainable mobility and smarter cities, and reduce their environmental footprint at the same time. Every day, through our technical expertise and capacity for innovation, we are helping them to step up to these critical challenges.  



  • Transport: reconciling security, growth and environmental protection
  • Reducing the environmental footprints of cities
    Reducing the environmental footprints of cities
  • Observing the earth to better understand the environment
  • A commitment to international leadership