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Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Innovation is nothing new at Thales. It has always been part of the Group’s history and remains crucial to our success today and into the future. We invest heavily in innovation: more than 25,000 Thales employees are directly involved in research and technology, which represent almost 3 billion euros in revenues every year and account for more than 700 million euros in self-funded R&D.

But innovation at Thales is not driven by investment alone. It’s driven by passion — a passion for discovering new ways to step up to the challenges of modern society. Today, we bring to the table a unique combination of technologies and talent. We build on a unique heritage of technical excellence, drawing strength from our global dimension and from the diversity of our workforce. We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies in the world with the capability to be boundary pushers.

Patrice Caine
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Thales

Key numbers

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Listen to Philippe Keryer, EVP, Strategy, Research and Technology, outlines some key innovation figures as well as the significant capabilities possessed by the Group in this domain. He also underlines what differentiates the company today from the rest of the industry, making it a major player in the evolution of our societies.
Interview - Philippe Keryer, EVP, Strategy, Research and Technology at Thales For more information, visit our InnovDays dedicated website: http://events.thalesgroup.com/innovda...

Mini series: The worlds of Thales

For over 100 years, Thales has been at the heart of all the major technological revolutions, including electricity, electronics, and computing.
Today, connectivity and connected objects, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence constitute fantastic innovation accelerators, so long as these technologies are developed in a highly secure way. They are at the centre of digital transformation and make Thales a major player in this domain.
Through a series of interviews, Marko Erman, Chief Technology Officer at Thales, discussed these coming technological challenges, and by doing so gave a glimpse of the Group’s wide-ranging fields of expertise. These are the “Thales Worlds”.