Your technological challenges drive our innovations.

Reliability, robustness, compactness and performance are the common denominators of all our markets and the ultimate purpose of our technologies. That is why you can find our modules, hybrids and sub-assemblies in a multitude of critical systems and harsh environments. We adapt our technological bricks to your stakes and your requirements whatever your constraints in order to deliver fit-for-purpose electronic solutions.


Whether you need to increase your systems’ energy efficiency, or simplify your cooling circuits, or position your control electronics directly into the powertrain, or monitor the health of your systems, our custom power electronic solutions are here to help!

Thanks to the combination of high-performing components and materials (SiC, GaN) with innovative assembly technologies, our down-sized and ruggedized functions are designed to:
  • Enhance the thermal and electrical performances of systems
  • Lower the system’s energy consumption
  • Increase the system’s energy efficiency and autonomy
  • Reduce the volume of the function or system
  • Improve the quality of data transmissions
  • Extend the service life and durability of systems
Addressed systems
  • Powertrain
  • Perception system for A.D.A.S
  • Energy management systems
  • Comfort, safety and diagnosis systems
  • Electric traction systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Health monitoring systems


Reliability, robustness and durability are crucial for your systems?

We partner with you to design and manufacture robust and sustainable microelectronic solutions.
Our field-proven solutions are designed to operate in harsh environments and on long-term lifecycles.
Shocks, pressure, high-temperature, friction… We deliver down-scaled and hermetic electronic packaging solutions designed to be integrated right on the system’s mechanics or in its immediate vicinity. They enable to:
  • Enhance the thermal and electrical performances of systems
  • Lower the system’s energy consumption
  • Increase the system’s energy efficiency and autonomy
  • Reduce the volume of the function or system
  • Improve the quality of data transmissions
  • Extend the service life and durability of systems
Addressed systems
  • Command Controller
  • Data processing and monitoring
  • Measurement and monitoring sensors
  • Power converters


The microelectronics competence centre offers a comprehensive range of services and expertises to address the industrial issues of a fast-changing industry in a highly-competitive global environment.

A lasting commitment
Maintaining long-term programmes is a basic requirement for serving our customers. Thanks to our industrial capabilities, we are in a position to ensure the MRO of products over several decades.
Our customer support services also cover product developments over time: obsolescence tracking and monitoring, storage, re-design or even reverse engineering.

A commitment to competitiveness and a customised support
Our in-house design office assists customers in optimising their specifications so as to ensure the maintainability and manufacturability of their equipment. Our multi-technology industrial tooling is adapted to the specific requirements of defense industry applications. From the active component right up to the integration of sub-systems and systems, the service is modular and adapted to customer requirements: mock-ups, prototypes, small production runs.

Our in-house Supply Chain and our engineering teams work closely with our customers to meet the challenges of competitiveness and specifications' evolutions throughout the product's full life cycle.
Knowledge of the mechanisms governing major international defence programmes enables us to provide our customers with a clear and shared overview of the technical issues, and suggest technological breakthroughs to meet their requirements.

A commitment to reliability
Reliability of products and of data is intrinsically linked to meeting the requirements of the Defence markets. The microelectronics competence centre is committed to an ongoing reliability process when it comes to securing its processes and its products but also its classified premises and authorised defence personnel.
Addressed systems:
  • Combat aircraft: radar equipment and systems, electronic warfare
  • Missile electronics: automatic steering, active decoys, proximity fuses, guidance and propulsion controls
  • Land and naval equipment: surface radars, electronic warfare

Aeronautics & Space

The microelectronics competence centre supplies to 1st rank industrial companies, equipment and aircraft manufacturers, as well as integrators of the space sectors reliable and sustainable electronic solutions meeting security, longevity and sector performance challenges.
A specialist in harsh environments and a forerunner in high-temperature electronic technologies, we are developing innovative high-density energy conversion solutions meeting the new shift of the industry towards the "all electric" aircraft.
We support our customers in defining and implementing "zero defects" manufacturing procedures in order to deliver function modules which can be directly integrated in the payload of satellites or space launchers.
Reliability and traceability
In order to guarantee to our customers that our modules are reliable and robust, we provide:
  • Full management of industrial processes and sector constraints
  • Approved rooms, equipment and personnel
  • A test strategy definition along with generic and specific test equipment
  • A configuration management system for optimum traceability
  • A failure analysis and root cause detection laboratory
Specific solutions:
  • High-performance electrical insulation for high-power applications : SMD technologies integrated in ceramic packaging
  • Dual technologies platforms: SMT and microelectronics
  • Ruggedized power modules and phase-legs for an utmost reliability in harsh environments (high-temperature…)
  • Increased power density
  • Increased thermal margins

Addressed systems
  • EMA (Electro-Mechanical Actuators)
  • Flight control computers
  • Engine computers
  • Actuators
  • Servo-motors,
  • Braking systems
  • Communication systems and flight recorders
  • Hybrid propulsion systems
  • Systèmes de propulsion électrique plasmique
  • Active lightning protection for electrical networks
  • High-temperature sensors
  • High-power and power phase-legs
  • Power converters
  • Accelerometers
  • High-power amplifiers
  • Complex hybrid functions
  • Solid state power amplifiers
  • Linear channel amplifiers
  • Telemetry modules (microwave up to 100GHz)
  • Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)