Government and military sites all share a strategic dimension, but may face very different security issues. Thales's wide range of expertise enables it to provide dedicated solutions whatever the configuration.
Protecting military and government sites: Thales's challenge
Data confidentiality, access security, video surveillance, secure transmissions, prevention of terrorist risk ... The protection of government and military sites may cover all or part of these areas.
To meet these challenges, Thales can count on its technological mastery, its experience of project engineering and its expertise in interfacing between information and security systems as well as between organizations. His deep knowledge of the world of military defence, based on decades of experience, makes it an ideal partner to tackle and solve these issues.
Centralization for enhanced security
In addition to supporting all the expertise required to secure a site, Thales can simultaneously:
  • Integrate the different types of solution required - video surveillance, access control, smart data processing, cybersecurity ...;
  • Interconnect different information systems, ensuring their compatibility or organizing the necessary migrations;
  • Bring the various services involved into working together, in order to reach common objectives;
  • Thales thus enables authorities to increase security and efficiency at critical sites, while containing costs.
The security of Hexagone Balard, the “French Pentagon"
Thales provides both physical security and data security to the Ministry of Defence’s new building. The system implemented makes use of video surveillance, access control and accreditation, cybersecurity.Netherlands: centralizing the protection of military sites
Thales took charge of the centralized security of 170 sites for the Dutch Ministry of Defence, spread all over the country. The deployed solution increases security level while optimizing resources mobilized.
Product line manager - Jean-Pierre Vidal