Defence forces, public safety agencies and critical infrastructure providers around the globe rely on Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) to make critical, life-changing decisions every day. Secure, reliable and flexible PMR empowers soldiers, public safety officers and critical infrastructure personnel to make smarter and timelier decisions, improve mission success, and drive operational excellence. It is hard to imagine how they would do their jobs without it today.

As PMR embarks on a new era of high-speed broadband that will complement traditional voice-centric communications with video and real-time data services, defence forces, public safety agencies and critical infrastructure providers naturally want to embrace this new technology and rapidly benefit from the operational gains it has to offer.

At Thales, we put our customers at the heart of what we do and are constantly and consistently driven by your challenges. Our trusted, field-proven PMR solutions are flexible and scalable to deliver the security, resilience, bandwidth, and speed when and where they are needed. Jordan Armed Forces and Public Safety Agencies, Forças Armadas Angolanas, EDF, SNCF and Oman Muscat Airport are testimony to the outstanding performance of our solutions and the visible return on investment they bring both operationally and economically.

Thales is your partner of choice to deliver PMR solutions that are fit for your needs today and ready to evolve to your future requirements tomorrow:

  • Eiji
    Eiji, a new service from Thales, provides a highly mobile, resilient and secure communications capability that helps users respond to a whole range of threats, from cybercrime to terror attacks.
  • LTE by Thales : dedicated mobile networks for critical missions
    Defence Forces, Public Safety Agencies and Critical Infrastructure Providers are today eager to embrace new broadband technology to achieve their vital mission more efficiently, more effectively and more safely.
  • TETRA DigiMax
    TETRA networks are relied on worldwide by defence forces, public safety agencies and critical infrastructure providers alike for their mission-critical communications.