The Information Systems job family concerns both internal and external (customer) Information Systems solutions.

Certain competences that are critical to Thales are difficult to find in the market and are a focus for professional development: Architect, Security IS, sub-contracting management, etc. There is a focus on both hiring and internally developing those specialists with critical competences that Thales needs for successful development of adapted and effective Information Systems solutions and services, and for future growth.

IS/IT Architecture

Guarantees the coherent evolution of the entire Information System with respect to the company’s objectives, functional domains and taking into account internal and external constraints. It defines and proposes the innovative solutions satisfying requirements while keeping up technical standards.  

IS/IT Expert

Anticipates and matures new projects by raising awareness of new technologies and is forward thinking in their analysis of the business process. They assist the Business Process Manager to better integrate the company’s Information System and the IS/IT Project Manager in advising and supporting the implementation of technical solutions.

IS/IT Solutions Engineer

Performs a subset of all the IS/IT engineering activities required to develop an application/solution/service achieving user satisfaction.

IS/IT Business Process: manages the alignment of the business Information System by proposing scenarios of Information System evolution, coherent with objectives and the defined processes and by guaranteeing the global and dynamic consistency as well as the relevance and performance of the IS of the business.