The Customer Software job family is a large and growing part of what makes a Thales System and a large portion of our innovation.

Thales focuses Group resources on the critical competences, specialties, architecture and software techniques, as well as sub-contract management. Certain competences that are critical to Thales are difficult to find in the market and are a focus for professional development: application security, parallel programming, modelling, resource optimisation for embedded software, web technologies etc.

Customer software gives employees a global vision of our customers. Members of this job family are required to create not only critical software for aircraft and satellites but security software for bank transactions and the security of the Thales Cloud.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture is technically responsible for the Software architecture and its consistency throughout the project. They ensure that the software architecture is stabilised and maintained. They co-ordinate the product definition, prepare the design and identify modelling, simulation and prototyping opportunities.

Software Expert

A Software Expertise Engineer has specific expertise covering dedicated techniques and technologies, specialities and particular domains of activity. They bring state of the art expertise for their field and has the ability to make meaningful trade-offs between requirements during all the development stages of a Thales solution.

Software Engineer

The Software Engineer develops innovative software solutions to our client’s problems by understanding the customer’s needs. They contribute to the formalisation of the mission, the architectural design and requirements and designs products on the basis of calculations and simulations.  


Thales Group - Mircea Banu

Mircea Banu

Transport / Software Engineering Leader

Thales Group - Luke Peel

Luke Peel

Defence / Software Engineer
Thales Group - Carl Whittaker

Carl Whittaker

Security / Software Engineer