The Systems engineering job family encompasses the entire technical effort to evolve and verify solutions that satisfy customer needs while preserving industrial interests in terms of costs, delivery, constraints and risks incurred.

Systems Engineers are therefore involved in all stages of the project lifecycle from initial capture of the customer, proposition of a system design, through building the system, verifying and validating it and delivering it to the customer.

Systems Engineering is one of the largest job families in Thales with many entry points for those just starting their career and for those bringing experience from other job families. Development of our population of Systems Architects is key for the success of future projects but development of knowledge and skills relating to a particular domain, technology or specialty is also critical.

It is also home to those jobs requiring Operational Expertise. This is an in depth knowledge of the operational environment that has a vital part to play when ensuring that our systems can satisfy the customer in their own environment.

Systems Architecture

Systems Architecture defines innovative solutions to customer needs and is responsible for the implementation of these solutions. It assesses technique and technological choices to ensure the best results for the customer and for Thales.  

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer performs a subset of all the engineering activities required to develop a solution. These activities include architectural, human, safety and security analysis, formalisation of the mission and architectural design.

Technical Expert

A Technical Expert brings a breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and innovation and has a large impact on the Group. They assume a consulting, support and auditing role within their specialist area.


Thales Group - Alice Moreau

Alice Moreau

Defence / Systems Engineer
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Thales Group - Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris

Transportation System / Systems Engineer
Thales Group - Kellie Barton

Kellie Barton

Aerospace / Systems Engineering
Thales Group - Samir Benazzouz

Samir Benazzouz

Security Systems Engineer