This job family includes all the activities in connection with the management of sites, the Group’s real estate portfolio, the site facilities management and the associated services to the occupants, all the issues relative to the Health and the Security of employees and the support to teams and Managers in terms of personal assistance.

This includes:

Real Estate

Optimisation of the Group’s real estate portfolio and the relative project management decisions regarding real estate investments.


  • Group Real Estate Management
  • Expertise & Property Management
  • Site Facility Management
  • Installation and Maintenance…

HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

Conforms to regulations regarding health and safety, manages risks, undertakes investigations after accidents have occurred and identifies and prevents new dangers.  


  • HSE Co-ordinator
  • HSE Sites & Operations Technician


Protection of industrial, scientific and technical assets, protection of classified secret information, site protection and informing and training employees regarding security issues.


  • Security Technician
  • Information Systems Security Risks Director
  • Encryption Officer  

Personal Assistance

Facilitation and optimisation of the team’s activities, internal and external relations and the circulation of information. Carry out secretarial and personal assistant tasks.  


  • Personal Assistant / Secretary


Development of activities relative to the Health and the Welfare support to Employees at work (guidance and prevention).


  • Occupational Health Officer
  • Social Assistant, Nurse