Thales LockTrac electronic interlocking systems ensure smooth and safe train movements by managing points, signals, level crossings and other field elements. From small and simple to large and complex stations, future-proof LockTrac systems are integrated worldwide into existing network structures and offer low total life cycle costs.


LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90

LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is an electronic interlocking system (ESTW) designed for meeting the highest safety requirements. For approximately 20 years the well-proven interlocking system  has been successfully operated by national and international customers in both mainline/high-speed railway networks and urban rail networks. LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 systems currently in service switch over 20,000 signals and more than 8,000 points.

LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is a crucial element of the network infrastructure for railway operators for optimising network throughput, on-time operations and life cycle costs.

The highest levels of safety and availability, functions allowing farreaching automation of the operations and easy integration into existing network structures are among the most important assets contributing to the success of LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90.

LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is acknowledged as a well proven technology which will be consistently improved  within the framework of the technological evolution.

Key Benefits
  • Highest safety level SIL 4
  • High availability by 2-out-of-3 computer architecture
  • Support of LCC optimisations
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures both on the field level and on the operating level
  • System scalability
  • Flexible switching distances
  • Large scope of functions including high flexibility of customer adaptation
  • Year-long well-proven system with consistent technology evolution

LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA

LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA is an electronic interlocking system offering the highest levels of safety (SIL4) and availability. The system uses a modular system architecture with two different software channels and can be used for any size of interlocking.

Aside from the typical functions of an interlocking including block logic, the ELEKTRA system provides interfaces to safety-relevant peripheral systems such as neighbouring interlockings, central stations and substations, RBC (ETCS L2) and AWS (automatic warning system), as well as to available equipment or systems for maintenance and diagnosis. ELEKTRA also offers functions such as remote control, automatic train operation and integrated block functionality.
Key Benefits
  • High safety and availability
  • Use of state-of-the-art microprocessor technology
  • Modular system architecture (configurability, availability)
  • Window interfaces with operator guidance
  • Capable of operating distant stations by remote control
  • Control of relay interlocking systems and integration of block equipment
  • Interface to many peripheral systems
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Approved in line with CENELEC standard SIL 4
  • Interface to OMC

LockTrac 6151 ESTW L90 5

LockTrac 6151 ESTW L90 5, the modern and worldwide established interlocking system combines high reliability with cost efficiency due to optimizing main and freight line traffic supervision and operation. The system is configured for obtaining optimum system configuration from small to large and complex stations to satisfy all customer needs without restrictions of the system functionality. Various types of indoor and outdoor equipment components can be integrated.
Key Benefits
  • Powerful interlocking system able to interact with different automatic train control systems (e.g. ETCS) and operation control (HMI) systems
  • Easy to adapt to  various types of indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Solid and well proven technology, permanent brought forward to meet state of the art technological evolution
  • High industrialization level
  • Easy to adapt to customer functionality generic software kernel
  • High availability based on 2-out-of-3 computer system
  • Developed according CENELEC standards SIL 4 based on Thales TAS Platform

LockTrac 6151 Intersig L905 E

LockTrac 6151 Intersig L905 E is a modular electronic interlocking system which combines high reliability and cost efficiency.

Connected over standardised interfaces, the system can be configured for obtaining the optimum system configuration to satisfy all customer needs. Various types of indoor and outdoor equipment components can be connected. The integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) can be connected locally or remotely. Full-automatic operation is possible.

The LockTrac 6151 Intersig L905 E electronic interlocking offers a modern, economical and compact system for small and medium stations without restrictions of the system functionality. Due to its integrated new diagnosis and station design tools, the system is easy to maintain.
Key Benefits
  • Scalable and maintenance-free hardware
  • Long product lifecycle through future-oriented technology
  • Easy to adapt to customer functionality by generic software kernel
  • Operates with or without transmission system
  • High availability
  • Designed for centralised and local operation
  • Easy to adapt to different HMI systems
  • Compatible with existing trackside equipment
  • Developed according to CENELEC standards SIL 4
  • Electronic Block functionality included in the system
  • Local and remote diagnosis


LockTrac 6171 PIPC Interlocking Solution

LockTrac 6171 (PIPC) is an innovative electronic interlocking system using PC technology to ensure a high level of safety, optimized total costs of ownership and high interoperability level. It is a relevant solution to the electronic interlocking deployment growing demand of railway customers.
Key Benefits
  • Safety / Availability
  • Scalability
  • Optimised life cycle cost
  • Durability

LockTrac 6181 KSW 90 Interlocking Solution

LockTrac 6181 KSW 90 Interlocking solution LockTrac 6181 (KSW 90) is a low cost, relay-based interlocking system for secondary lines. The system can control light signals, electrical point machines and axle counters. Also the system supports local and remote controlled operation. It requires low investment and minimises operation and maintenance costs.

LockTrac 6271 PMI Interlocking Solution

PMI Interlocking systems are an innovative mass transit electronic applications using standard technology that ensures a high level of safety, high availability and low life cycle costs. Designed to equip new lines or modernize existing urban rail infrastructure, it is fully developed to perform all the interlocking functions and ensure remote control from either the main control center or the Thales local supervision system.
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