Urban security: an unprecedented challenge

As more than half of the world's population lives in cities, urban security has become a crucial public policy issue. The solutions provided by Thales make the best of existing devices for an optimized management of sensor networks, data and interventions.
Safe and attractive agglomerations
Cities concentrate the economic, political and cultural activity of the States ... but also most of the crime and threats such as terrorism, trafficking, industrial accidents, natural disasters, etc. Ensuring citizens’ safety is one of urban authorities’ primary tasks, both to meet population demands and to improve quality of life and city attractiveness for tourists, businesses, talented workers.
Thanks to the tools it developed and deployed in many cities, Thales is able to make the best use of available resources, according to the needs expressed. Centralizing video surveillance data and its smart processing allow for faster and better targeted interventions, better detection of threats, and a stronger link with the population.
Innovative solutions for public safety in big cities
Thales designs tailor-made solutions that simultaneously address the different challenges of urban safety:
- Efficiency and reliability of video surveillance networks;
- Relevant intervention decisions through smart video data analytics;
- Real-time Information sharing with the population;
- Harmonization between existing systems and the different agencies and services involved.
In all these projects, Thales sees its role as that of a long-term partner, deploying solutions apt to evolve according to needs and requests.

The spectacular results in Mexico
The partnership set up by Thales at the request of Mexico City authorities in 2009 led to a 56% decrease in crime. Solutions combine the management of a dense network of cameras, smart video analysis and an important coordination work between operators and authorities.