State security, a technological and human challenge

Threats on internal state security have multiplied over the last decades, with the rise of digitalization, networks, terrorism, new methods of aggression... Thales masters the necessary knowledge and technologies to answer several key questions of homeland security.
Scattered, diffuse, unpredictable threats
Threats States are facing are growing more and more difficult to detect. Terrorism and trafficking operate in decentralized networks ; operating modes vary from the simplest to the most sophisticated – cyber-attacks, chemical and bacteriological risks...
Thanks to its expertise in video surveillance, data analysis and integrated security solutions, Thales is able to optimally support States in their fight against these new risks. Homeland security simultaneously requires:
  • Collecting information;
  • Processing this information and extracting the relevant data;
  • Getting different systems and organizations to converge and work together.
Thales solutions are built on a global overview of homeland security issues and the mastering of intelligent tools.
In the race for anticipation implied by homeland security policies, two elements are to be stressed: reliable intelligence; and efficient surveillance of movements across the territory border.

Border surveillance
Homeland security also relies on effective and efficient border control, apt to identify dangerous or unwanted intrusions, evaluate them on the spot, and intercept them when necessary. Thales offers tailor-made solutions based on a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the border, country and threats involved.
The “ears” of Internal security: intelligence
To ensure reliable, precise intelligence, Thales offers States solutions designed to face a double challenge:
  • Sorting the relevant information in the overload of data, and make the distinction between false alarms and actual dangers, using artificial-intelligence-based tools;
  • Ensure coordination between the different departments involved, so that intelligence is shared, accessible to those who need it in due time, and therefore useful.  


  • Border Surveillance and Security
    As new risks & global threats emerge, governments are calling for higher level of security at the borderlines in order to reinforce the protection of the homeland security.
  • Intelligence
    Thales provides governments with know-how, modular solutions and a global perspective that includes the various technical and organizational aspects of intelligence.
  • Information Systems
    As world leader in Information and Communication Systems Security, Thales holds a unique position with an end-to-end security offering.
  • Professional Mobile Radio
    Thales is your partner of choice to deliver PMR solutions that are fit for your needs today and ready to evolve to your future requirements tomorrow
Product line manager - Pascal Zenoni