Public transportation systems raise complex security issues, including intersecting networks, mobile vehicles, ground areas, access control management. Thales takes a global look at the safety of transportation and passengers, thanks to its high added-value integration expertise.

Securing public transportation today
Public transportation safety issues have raised to new levels of complexity in recent years. The proliferation of cameras and sensor networks generates a large amount of data. Processing them requires smart analysis tools for automatic detection of relevant incidents to be brought to the agents’ attention.
Thales controls the deployment of sensors - on ground and on board - the secure transmission of data, their processing, access control to non-public areas... as well as the integration and project engineering necessary to coordinate the different services involved.
Security in motion
Making a public transportation network secure requires high-level technologies and know-how, for which Thales has proven expertise. Aspects to be taken into account are :
- Safety on board: wagons, buses and trams must be equipped with the suitable sensors;
- Safety on ground: stations and tracks also require surveillance;
- Access control to reserved areas and control centers;
- Cybersecurity of data transmission;
- Smart analysis of the "Big data" generated by multi-sensor surveillance systems, in order to quickly spot incidents and threats, thus reducing intervention delays.
Thales’s value-added lies both in mastering these technologies and in the ability to integrate solutions from different origins, plugging on existing systems when necessary.
Transportation security in action : RATP
Thales manages video surveillance on 5000 trams and buses for the Parisian transportation network RATP. The solution includes the recording, broadcasting and smart analysis of data collected from cameras in passenger areas. Thales also provides RER C and D (Transilien) with security solutions.
Product line manager - Jean-Pierre Vidal