A reliable and sovereign intelligence system is a prerequisite for State security. Thales provides governments with know-how, modular solutions and a global perspective that includes the various technical and organizational aspects of intelligence.
Integrated Intelligence Solutions
In order to be able to react and make the best decisions in a growingly threatening context, States need to rely on a reliable and precise intelligence system. This implies collecting and cross-checking information, raw data processing and collaborative work between the different departments involved, and the ability to analyze and merge data to generate consolidated intelligence.
Thales can integrate these different dimensions according to customer demand, or provide a precise technical answer to a given problem.
From raw information to consolidated intelligence
Intelligence is the result of collecting and processing the answers to simple questions: who, what, when, how, where, why.
To achieve this goal, governments first need to collect information: these can originate from video surveillance, digital exchanges between people, databases, direct observations from field agents on the field, testimonies of citizens... Thales masters a wide range of solutions to collect information, transmit it and store it.
In a second phase, raw information has to be turned into consolidated information, which supposes to cross sources and data. Thales’s intelligent processing software plays this role, by identifying the relevant data, making comparisons, comparing information of different origins and natures.
Then, intelligence can be used to inform the decision-makers and enrich existing databases.
Smart Intelligence to explore Social Networks: Osint Lab
Thales' Osint Lab system allows both analysis of the dominant themes discussed on social networks online and extraction of relevant information in the context of an investigation. A dynamic database: BDSP
For the French Gendarmerie Nationale, Thales has developed a system that integrates data processing, analysis and intelligence technologies, allowing for a better management of operations, through real-time evaluation of the importance of detected events and of the opportunity of an intervention.
Product line manager - Matthias Abouothman