comprehensive Solutions for urban mobility

With Thales, increase your network capacity, optimise punctuality and attract passengers with better door-to-door journeys. We specialise exclusively on IT-based critical solutions that harness our Group’s experience in satellite and aviation as well as cyber-security.

Thales has unmatched experience in ensuring metro lines run at peak efficiency with very high reliability and availability. For  passengers’ comfort and satisfaction, we help you provide punctual trains, accurate real-time information, easy ticketing and wireless connectivity both in station and in motion. Designed for maintainability and optimised for reduced cost of operation, our systems have the most attractive Total Cost of Ownership. Our excellent record of safety and service continuity speaks for itself.

Light rail, trams & busses
Thales understands that surface transportation is vital element of your urban transformation programme.
Our advanced LRT & Tramway Control System is a powerful management and control solution for today’s high-performance urban networks. Compatible with any type of rolling stock, Thales’ turnkey solution provides you with everything you need to optimise the management of your light rail networks and provide easy journeys for your passengers.

Thales has decades of experience designing and deploying centralised traffic management systems for urban and suburban areas, including: car park management, road traffic management, free-flow tolling and park-and-ride solutions. You get improved road user safety, quicker travel times, less pollution and an overall more pleasant travel experience for your citizens.

Our Offer

  • Signalling Solutions for urban mobility
    Our best-in-class signalling solutions significantly increase the capacity, safety and security of your public transportation network. With improved reliability and availability, you can enable an efficient and seamless flow of people across your city.
  • Communications & supervision for urban mobility
    The only way to truly ensure security and optimise your costs is to have fully integrated systems across your entire network. Thales provides high-performance, reliable communications and supervision solutions with proven interfaces.
  • Ticketing & Revenue Collection
    Our TRANSCITY solutions make public transport more appealing for your users and more cost-effective for you.