The people we all rely on to make the world go round – they rely on Thales.

In a world that is increasingly fast moving, unpredictable – and full of opportunities, they come to us with big ambitions: to make life better, to keep us safer.

Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary high technology solutions.  Solutions that make tomorrow possible, today.

From the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace, we help our customers think smarter and act faster - mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way.

Whatever it takes.

Our markets

  • Aerospace
    Thales is the only player in the marketplace with the expertise in avionics, IFE, support & services, ATM systems and cybersecurity needed to develop this new ecosystem.
  • Space
    For more than 40 years now, Thales Alenia Space has designed, integrated, tested, operated and delivered innovative space systems.
  • Ground Transportation
    Thales is one of the world’s top suppliers of systems, solutions, equipment and services for mobility on railways, roads and public networks.
  • Defence
    Thales is a top-tier partner of defence forces worldwide. We work with our customers to design and to provide optimum solutions for effective defence missions.
  • Security
    Thales is Europe's leading provider of digital technologies for defence and security, thanks to innovative solutions to meet the most complex security requirements.
  • Market-specific solutions
    Thales provides solutions to a variety of specialized markets and applications including radiology, radio frequency, microwave sources, training and simulation solutions, microelectronics and lasers for science, industry, space and defence.