Leader in civil helicopter training, Thales provides mission-readiness by a range of complex training equipment and operators, to turnkey training services. 
Our distinguished and efficient expertise at Thales provides us with a global portfolio spanning from helicopter training solutions and services, driving, energy and smart city applications embedded within their increasingly complex operational environment.

  • Helicopter training & services
    Thales Helicopter training solutions deliver mission success and maximum safety levels.
  • Training & Simulation for smart cities
    Thales offers integrated simulation solutions for urban and safety applications, from urban planning to crisis management.
  • Training and simulation for driving
    Thales offers civil drivers training solutions, covering the range from driving schools to Formula 1 pilots preparation and rehearsal, with adjustable solutions from desktop to high-fidelity simulation.
  • Training & Simulation for energy
    From computer-based training to full-scale replica of control rooms, these training devices provide the power plant teams with the required level of mission readiness and preparation, whether for routine operations or emergency procedures.