Our continuous research activities are key factor in the ever increasing performance of our systems and expanding range of their applications.

We have established  strong and long-term relation with well-known laboratories and partners ensuring smooth research to industry transfer of new processes and lasers concepts. In this R&D network,  Thales central research facilities play a key role and French famous laboratories are involved such as LOA, LULI, CNRS,CEA,Institut d’Optique, ENSTA,...

Part of our R&D activity is also the participation to world reknowned laser programs, such as BELLA Project for LBNL in USA, CETAL Project for INFLPR in Romania,  and ELI-NP Project for IFIN-HH in Romania.

Another demonstration of our R&D capability is the CHEMCAM instrument, for which a spatial laser for LIBS analysis of the martian soil has been designed. The CHEMCAM instrument is integrated into the CURIOSITY rover which was successfully launched on Mars in August 2012. This program has been performed in collaboration with CNES (France) and NASA (USA)