Border monitoring, a complex challenge

Thales has developed expertise in the field of border surveillance, combining capture technologies, data transfer and processing, human organization. Custom-designed for each context, Thales solutions optimize resources for an enhanced border security.

Starting from customer needs

Designing a border monitoring solution first implies a thorough analysis of customer needs and field configuration, in order to:

  • Identify which types of threats are involved: trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration … ;
  • Identify tactics used by targeted individuals to cross borders ;
  • Scan the field and choose the most appropriate equipment for each site.

Building a border surveillance solution
With the customer, we then go into the specifics of the system’s organization:

  • The technical configuration, how the different components are to be integrated: sensors, transmission modes, data processing centers, software tools ;
  • The components themselves, the technology of which Thales also masters: multi-sensor cameras, drones, smart data processing tools ;
  • The human organization, the division of tasks between operators, the definition of intervention procedures.

Improved border security
The performance of Thales in field monitoring is based on:

  • Reliable equipment,
  • Integration expertise,
  • Efficient training of agents,
  • Smart data processing, partly automating the detection and assessment of threats, and enabling a better targeting of field interventions.

Border areas are thus covered in a complete, efficient and centralized way. For States, the benefit is considerable: well-controlled borders imply a higher level of protection for populations, anticipation and neutralization of terrorist risks, containment of trafficking and illegal immigration.
Monitoring the border from within the territory
In a North African country, Thales has deployed a network of cameras and sensors connected to control centers located inside the country, to ensure the reinforced security of a 1000-kilometer border.

Scan the field
In France, 210 Spy Ranger mini-drones will assist the French army to remotely scan the land within a 30 kilometer radius.Visualize a spot on the field
In Spain, 4 Gecko cameras developed by Thales were mounted on vehicles, allowing for an optimal visibility on specific spots of land;
Product line manager - Jean-Michel Negret