The people we all rely on to make the world go round – they rely on Thales.

In a world full of opportunity and unpredictability we help those with big ambitions, think faster and act smarter.
From the bottom of the ocean to the depths of space and cyberspace, our architects combine unique and diverse expertise to allow our customers to confidently master every moment along the way.
In Security, governments, institutions and large global companies rely on Thales to design and deliver solutions that protect states, cities and critical infrastructure in an increasingly unpredictable world, with emerging threats through the cyberspace.

From helping cities and critical infrastructures become safer and smarter, to securing global financial markets and protecting sensitive data to keeping security forces connected on critical missions, we ensure integrity of the technologies that keep our world moving, staying one step ahead of all forms of digital threat and enhancing life for all.

Whatever it takes.


World-class credentials

  • Airport security systems for Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar), Muscat and Salalah (Oman), Bahreïn, JFK New York (USA), Durban (South Africa), Changi (Singapore), Lisbon and Madeira (Portugal), Pisa (Italy) and Lyons (France)
  • Mexico City: the world's most ambitious urban security programme: 15,000 cameras, response time divided by 6, crime rate reduced by 56%
  • Site security at the French Ministry of the Armed Forces - Hexagone-Balard
  • Qatar’s new commercial port integrated security solution
  • Security solutions for two of the world's largest pilgrimage sites: the Mecca and Notre-Dame de Guadalupe
  • Secure communications (PMR) for 30 countries
  • World leader in data protection
  • A major European leader in cybersecurity: 2,000 cybersecurity experts. 5 cybersecurity operation centres (France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong)
  • Cybersecurity for 19 of the world's 20 largest banks and 9 of the top 10 internet giants
  • Critical information system operations and cybersecurity for 130 customers
in data protection
in cybersecurity
in airport security
  • State
    Modern national security considerations are diverse. States must address both internal and external issues that threaten order and sovereignty. 'Thales develops the systems they need to identify, to assess and to neutralise threats.
  • Cities
    Thales offers security solutions for city management, transport, safety, security and smart cities. Our ultimate goal is to assist governments in making their urban citizen’s lives safer and more efficient.
  • Critical Infrastructures
    Critical infrastructure protection – that is, securing airports, government and military areas, public areas, transportation networks, ports, industrial plants, etc.
  • Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
    When confronted with disruptive technologies and cyberthreats, rely on Thales to ensure the optimal performance, resilience and security for your Critical Information Systems.
  • Big Data
    Whenever critical decisions need to be made, Thales has a role to play.
  • Supplier Online
    As a Technology provider, Thales had to propose a simple and direct tool in order to develop a mean to communicate more efficiently with our Suppliers.


Product line manager - Pascal Zenoni